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Patients interested in stem cell therapy can expect roughly the same process as other orthopedic conditions.

We would go over the diagnosis, the history, and I would perform a thorough examination. Together we review any x-rays, MRIs, or CT scans.

I believe that it’s really important that the patient sees on the screen what the issue is and what are the potential options, and why they may or may not make sense.

I believe in having that informed discussion with patients, and ultimately having them making the decision

While stem cell therapy can be a great treatment option for the right patients, the vast majority of patients who come in and ask about these regenerative products like stem cells are often not candidates.

This may be due to factors such as having the wrong diagnosis, wrong expectations, or for example, having arthritis that is so far advanced that the injection of a stem cell product would likely not result in a lot of value or change for the patient.

The only way to really know if someone is a candidate for this treatment is to come in and have an examination, and we can then have a discussion and make this decision together.

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